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4 Comments on “Importing InnoDB Partitions in MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0/10.1”

  1. I have this working on 2 relatively large tables at CDS-Global. One caution. MySQL and MariaDB recently changed the temporal data format. {5.6, 10.0}. Affects time, datetime and timestamp datatypes. This is not a problem unless the table was created in a previous version and then migrated into newer versions. The migrated table retains the previous format. In MariaDB 10.0 you cannot resolve this issue when doing an import {for partitioned OR non partitioned tables} because when you do the create table in 10.0 you can only create the new table with the new temporal format and the import will fail. There is a setable variable “mysql56_temporal_format” in 10.1 so you can create the new table in the old temporal format and the import will function properly. FYI there are also tables in the `information_schema` database of 10.1 where you can check what the format is of a temporal column.

  2. Hi, Geoff!
    Good guide, thanks for that. I want to translate it to russian language. Please let me know if you have any objection.

    1. Hi Vasiliy,

      Thanks for the compliment! Sure, you can translate this into Russian. Please link back to the original post though. Спасибо!

      1. Yes of course. I always add link back to the original post.
        Here is the translation of your article on russian language –

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