Automatically Dropping Old Partitions in MySQL and MariaDB: Part 2

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In a previous blog post, I showed how a DBA could configure MySQL or MariaDB to automatically drop old partitions. Some readers provided some feedback on some issues that they’ve run into while doing similar operations. Specifically: It can sometimes help to maintain an empty first partition when partitioning by dates, since partition pruning cannot always eliminate the first partition. … Read More

Using the MariaDB Audit Plugin with MySQL

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The MariaDB audit plugin is an audit plugin that is bundled with MariaDB server. However, even though it is bundled with MariaDB, the plugin is actually compatible with MySQL as well. In this blog post, I will describe how to install the plugin with MySQL. Install the plugin Unfortunately, neither MariaDB Corporation nor MariaDB Foundation currently distribute a standalone binary … Read More

Importing InnoDB Partitions in MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0/10.1

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Transportable tablespaces for InnoDB tables is a very useful feature added in MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0. With this new feature, an InnoDB table’s tablespace file can be copied from one server to another, as long as the table uses a file-per-table tablespace. Unfortunately, the initial transportable tablespace feature in MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0 does not support partitioned tables. … Read More

Emulating Sequences in MySQL and MariaDB

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Sequences are objects defined by the SQL standard that are used to create monotonically increasing sequences of numeric values. Whenever nextval is called on a sequence object, it generates and returns the next number in the sequence. For MySQL and MariaDB users, this might sound similar to MySQL’s AUTO_INCREMENT columns, but there are some differences: Sequences are defined by the … Read More

Bitwise operators with BINARY fields in MySQL and MariaDB

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A MariaDB support customer recently upgraded to MariaDB 10.1, and they noticed that some of their queries using bitwise operators started to return warnings, which they thought was strange because they produced no warnings in MariaDB 10.0. These particular queries used bitwise operators on BINARY(N) fields. For example, their table was similar to this: CREATE TABLE item_flags ( item_id int(11) … Read More

DDL Failures in MariaDB Galera Cluster

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A MariaDB support customer recently asked me what would happen if a Data Definition Language (DDL) statement failed to complete on one or more nodes in MariaDB Galera Cluster. In this blog post, I will demonstrate what would happen. The demonstration below was performed on a 2-node cluster running MariaDB 10.1, but other Galera Cluster distributions should work similarly. Schema … Read More

Configuring LDAP Authentication and Group Mapping With MariaDB

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Author’s note: For the most up-to-date directions on setting up LDAP authentication using PAM and user or group mapping with MariaDB, please see the relevant MariaDB documentation page. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to configure MariaDB to use LDAP authentication and group mapping. I have previously written blog posts about configuring PAM authentication and user mapping with … Read More